15 must-haves for your DSLR.

Everybody who has been into photography would know how overwhelming the accessories can be. The number of accessories you need to possess can be very misleading, especially if you've just started your adventure. So, we're presenting a must have list which you'll be needing at some point or the other. 15) SPEEDLIGHT FLASH:
             aka flashgun. Even if there's a decent built in flash, you'll find this more comfortable when you want to shoot in a low light area. 14) MINI SOFTBOX for SPEEDLIGHT:
             While huge softbox can be a pain, this will come handy as y'll know how good a photo looks with diffused light. 13) DIFFUSER:
              If you can't afford them and are left with only then built-in flash, this would be your holy-grail. This functions essentially as a softbox. 12) REFLECTORS:
             When you can't just use flash, for instance in outdoor shoots, having light reflectors can be very useful. 11) BLOWER:

Adobe Premiere Pro VS Final Cut Pro

Adobe :
This creative suite has every tool to make an incredible video.
The programs are integrated and for shorter videos, it doesn't render effects and is pretty fast.
Although big projects seem to bog the interface. the bins of premiere is disorganised.
Still users find it most useful because it is a multi station program, meaning you can use it on Mac or Windows.
Best part is that it uses track based timeline structure with video and audio separated into tracks on timeline.
Final Cut Pro:
The thing with which Final Cut Pro has led the video editing software for a long time is speed.
It's faster and smoother it also has an awesome plugin market and divides into two the events (source) and projects (edited) Adobe Premiere:
64 bit
Server based editing
Multi station program
Expensive. Final Cut Pro:
Multicam editing
Comes at $30
Magnetic timeline
Does not work on PCSFor Apple users, Final cut would seem fantastic. Still depends upon the user a…

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

The original Canon 5D was the first affordable full frame camera, now with the 5D Mark IV up in the market, it performs very effectively and very successful. The features as following are very impressive. - Magnesium alloy body, improved dust and weather resistance.
- It is the high mp full frame camera. About 30.4 mp.
-It comes with a silent shutter mode.
-The video quality comes at 1080p with 60 frames per second and 720p with 120 frames per second.
-Time lapse movie function.
-The best part is with dual pixel RAW.
-It has an upgraded version of LCD view finder with 100% coverage.
-ISO 100-32000 with expansion up to 12400, down to 50.
-EOS integrated cleaning system.
- Illumination, Aberration, Distortion and Diffraction corrections in camera along with Digital lens optimizer.
- It also includes mirror vibration control system to reduce blur.
- In-Camera Multiple exposure.
The Connectivity side is the major advantage.
It has built in features, GPS, WiFi and what more? 
IT …

GoPRO KARMA vs DJI Mavic Pro

The drones have taken up the Gen z by storm, the recent release about the new ones has been the talk of the town! Let's see what they're up to and how different they're from each other. First, even if they are alike in portability, the latter has built-in Camera, the former is designed to work with several GoPRO cameras.  Given that, both of these multi-rotors are portable, but how portable are they? The Mavic has the edge! Both of them use a folding design to make them easy to carry around, but Mavic is lighter and folds down as small as a bottle of water!
Karma, will however when folded will fit into a backpack, making it much smaller and lighter than the wrongly called drones.
Okay, the features! There's the stabilizer which should make for some impressive footage, comes with a 90 degree range of motion and moves on three axes, in both of them.
Most importantly flight specs, Karma tops out at 35 mph with a range of 1km and altitude of  4,500 m. Mavic is far more. …

Quest for a new beginning

Not all people are anachronic, are they? Here is one such woman. We kneel down to get to know her, drawn by her huge wrinkles and grey hairs covering her crown head. Her name seems to be quite unusual, after a second confirmation we conclude that it is "Paathi Muthu" wondering why she is covering head with towel, we proceed. She has been living here in Kasthuri Garden under Shanthi Ashram care for nearly 10 to 11 years. She says and we quote, "Its been quite a long period here. We do not have any source of income, couldn't find one. My husband is no more, it's been fourteen years. My fourty year old son is unemployed like any other people here, making both ends meet is nearly impossible yet I thrive to", She 'sobs' not knowing how to react, we calmly wait.. sobbing turns a bitter cry.. after, she managed to continue "I deeply moan that there are no male members to backup the family, these two girls are of age 25 one is dumb and another is stru…

A day at flower market

Photowalk..!To experience the colours of life, breathing through the scorching sun, we move to the floristry of Coimbatore - 'The Poo Market!' at around 6.45, just when the sun peeps out mildly spreading the warmth, the market widens like a valley of flowers, we were deeply stricken by the less likely ambience. Managing to withhold by the incense stick's smell, we proceed and in a corner we came across this old woman, in her late 80's sitting on the raised surface of that very small banana hammock store. She cuts it to neat, clean slices ready to be sold.
Her white hair set loose and her only tooth protruding every time she grins. Finding her intriguing, we get set to know about her. She smiles fondly, without any reluctance she moves in with us.She says 'its been 55 years since I moved to this place,I was raised up in Selvapuram'. We stare,'Oh 55 years!' we presume that this work should have been carried out by her even in Selvapuram.
She then continues,…