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A day at flower market

Photowalk..!To experience the colours of life, breathing through the scorching sun, we move to the floristry of Coimbatore - 'The Poo Market!' at around 6.45, just when the sun peeps out mildly spreading the warmth, the market widens like a valley of flowers, we were deeply stricken by the less likely ambience. Managing to withhold by the incense stick's smell, we proceed and in a corner we came across this old woman, in her late 80's sitting on the raised surface of that very small banana hammock store. She cuts it to neat, clean slices ready to be sold.
Her white hair set loose and her only tooth protruding every time she grins. Finding her intriguing, we get set to know about her. She smiles fondly, without any reluctance she moves in with us.She says 'its been 55 years since I moved to this place,I was raised up in Selvapuram'. We stare,'Oh 55 years!' we presume that this work should have been carried out by her even in Selvapuram.
She then continues,…