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15 must-haves for your DSLR.

Everybody who has been into photography would know how overwhelming the accessories can be. The number of accessories you need to possess can be very misleading, especially if you've just started your adventure. So, we're presenting a must have list which you'll be needing at some point or the other. 15) SPEEDLIGHT FLASH:
             aka flashgun. Even if there's a decent built in flash, you'll find this more comfortable when you want to shoot in a low light area. 14) MINI SOFTBOX for SPEEDLIGHT:
             While huge softbox can be a pain, this will come handy as y'll know how good a photo looks with diffused light. 13) DIFFUSER:
              If you can't afford them and are left with only then built-in flash, this would be your holy-grail. This functions essentially as a softbox. 12) REFLECTORS:
             When you can't just use flash, for instance in outdoor shoots, having light reflectors can be very useful. 11) BLOWER:

Adobe Premiere Pro VS Final Cut Pro

Adobe :
This creative suite has every tool to make an incredible video.
The programs are integrated and for shorter videos, it doesn't render effects and is pretty fast.
Although big projects seem to bog the interface. the bins of premiere is disorganised.
Still users find it most useful because it is a multi station program, meaning you can use it on Mac or Windows.
Best part is that it uses track based timeline structure with video and audio separated into tracks on timeline.
Final Cut Pro:
The thing with which Final Cut Pro has led the video editing software for a long time is speed.
It's faster and smoother it also has an awesome plugin market and divides into two the events (source) and projects (edited) Adobe Premiere:
64 bit
Server based editing
Multi station program
Expensive. Final Cut Pro:
Multicam editing
Comes at $30
Magnetic timeline
Does not work on PCSFor Apple users, Final cut would seem fantastic. Still depends upon the user a…