Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

The original Canon 5D was the first affordable full frame camera, now with the 5D Mark IV up in the market, it performs very effectively and very successful. The features as following are very impressive.

- Magnesium alloy body, improved dust and weather resistance.
- It is the high mp full frame camera. About 30.4 mp.
-It comes with a silent shutter mode.
-The video quality comes at 1080p with 60 frames per second and 720p with 120 frames per second.
-Time lapse movie function.
-The best part is with dual pixel RAW.
-It has an upgraded version of LCD view finder with 100% coverage.
-ISO 100-32000 with expansion up to 12400, down to 50.
-EOS integrated cleaning system.
- Illumination, Aberration, Distortion and Diffraction corrections in camera along with Digital lens optimizer.
- It also includes mirror vibration control system to reduce blur.
- In-Camera Multiple exposure.
The Connectivity side is the major advantage.
It has built in features, GPS, WiFi and what more? 
For a camera, very impressive and worth every penny is the verdict.


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